Sunrise Foundation is a non-profit global health Organization dedicated to improving the health of people in our community, Ireland, and in developing world by focusing on serious challenges like poverty, lack of education and inclusion. Our main aim is to facilitate the integration and full participation of the locals as well as newcomers into the community

Sunrise Foundation International Inc. (SF) is a diverse, tolerant and inclusive Irish society where each person is empowered to fulfill:

1. Health potentials regardless of their background and to live a diabetic free life,

2. To live up the goals and dreams as equals in the society

3. To be a contributing member of the community.

To inspire, empower, prevent and improve the lives of people leaving with Diabetes.


  • The main objective is to create awareness, education AND increase access to information on prevention and care of diabetes and its complications.
  • Raise awareness of diabetes by being a powerful voice to improve education, access to quality care, quality of life, prevention of complications and type 2 diabetes, and to help end discrimination and stigma related to diabetes.
  • Discuss with patients the importance of lifestyle in the management of diabetes and the prevention of complications, especially the role of exercise AND nutrition.
  • Opening a Diabetes Camp for young people & parent.
    Diabetes camps offer a place where children with diabetes learn important skills to take charge of their health, become part of a community, and make friends with other children who aren’t afraid of needles and who understand exactly what it means to “feel low,” or “feel high.” Camps also offer a welcome respite to parents, an opportunity for them relax knowing that their children are well-cared for by people who are expertly trained in diabetes management.