The Republic of Ireland has been unable to accurately arrive at the specific number of people living with diabetes in Ireland due to the unawareness associated with the diagnosis of diabetes amongst certain age group in the Irish population. However, the total number of people living with diabetes in Ireland has been presently estimated to about 225,840.  This indicates a rapid rise in the incidence and prevalence of diabetes amongst the Irish population, as there have been a significant increase from the estimation of 207,490 diagnosed cases amongst the age group of 20–79 (amounting to 6.5% of the general population) in 2013 to 225, 840 in 2017 (Diabetes Ireland, 2017). This is in line with previous anticipation opinionated by the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas (2013) that by 2020 there would be 233,000 people living with diabetes in Ireland and this number will increase to 278,850 in the year 2030. Please click to download the full content Diabetes; Don’t sugar coat it 

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