Who we are


Sunrise Foundation International Inc. (SF) is a community based organization which offers support and information to newcomers and their families in Ireland. Our aim is to facilitate integration and full participation of newcomers into the community.

We are also a national, international and multi-cultural based organization focused on creating awareness, education, and screening in diabetes and supporting everyone affected by diabetes in Ireland, and other countries in the world.

Sunrise Foundation is a diverse, tolerant and inclusive Irish society where each person is empowered to fulfill: Health potentials regardless of their background and to live a diabetic free life, To live up the goals and dreams as equals in the society To be a contributing member of the community.

Our Services

Assisting African and European newcomers in accessing available community services.

Orientation of newcomers to the community by providing them with free and impartial confidential advice.

Assistance with conversational English, emitting language barriers.

Providing information and documentation assistance pertaining to rights, entitlement, immigration, settlement and citizenship.

Providing a relaxed social environment which enables newcomers to discuss concerns and share advice about health, parenting and adjusting to life in Ireland.

Social, cultural and recreational activities to overcome social isolation and provide informal support as well as supporting children’s activities, stories, arts and crafts.

Our Objectives

To relieve hardship, poverty and sickness amongst newcomers in need by providing charitable support in particular through education, advice and guidance, career advice, information services, advocacy, mentoring, counselling services and provision of facilities for recreation and leisure, time occupation within strong values based and guiding principles.

To strive for continuous improvement in all we do challenging the conventional ways of working to ensure a step change in our personal progress, the organizational services and care that we provide.

We Make A Difference

We believe we are part of something special and worthwhile. We work with commitment and enthusiasm to make a real difference for the people.

Help us in our mission by donating to the Sunrise Foundation.